Our Service

We offer OEM production, combined with own brand development. We mainly do exporting to worldwide market, and also begin to develop domestic market. Every staff in Albert insist in providing high-quality products and customer-oriented service. The company goal we strive for is to attract more customers by more and more new products and better and better customer services.

International Marketing

In terms of international marketing, we are running the model of combination of OEM production and own brand development. On the basis of ensuring the quality and service of OEM products, we are trying to set up our own brand image step by step.

Domestic Marketing

In terms of domestic marketing, we are offering “one-stop” service. From product design, selection, test to delivery, we will do according to customers’ requirements. We will try our best to meet the most basic requirement of “good-looking, good use, quick and easy buy” when customers choose us at the very beginning.

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